58 Series open sideways

58 Series open sideways


58 Series open sideways

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Simple atmosphere, classic heritage



1.Anti-password visitation.

2.ADA Two-color injection button, never erase.

3.MicroUSB data and emergency power interface.

4Patented device, door opening Angle set           

1. Professional design:original design, graceful arc, easy to use;

2. Space optimization: serialized design, withbuilt-in space for storing cameras, A4 paper

folders,laptop and partition space;

3. Structural safety:double locking tongue structure;Anti-drilling hinge;Strengthen steel structure,high strength seal welding;China PICC underwriting;

4. Environmentalprotection technology: the control panel adopts imported components and SMTtechnology;Corrosion resistant phosphating pretreatment and powder spraying;Thewhole process processing technology conforms to the European Union RoHSrequirements;The products meet the CE requirements of eu;

5. Intelligent editing:imported chips and independent software development;Change the password afterunlocking;3-6 bit master and guest password classification management;More than1 million keys;

6. Acousto-optic hint:six-digit digital display with backlight can set password echo function or echofunction or hide digital display, easy to remember and safe;Button with soundprompt;

7. Convenient operation:only close the door within 5 minutes and reset the password over time;

8. Door opening protection:if the password is correct, the door will automatically pop open to 5 degreesand stop;

9. Emergency unlocking:universal management key, emergency collection when electric control system isout of power;The decoder unlocks the lock when the password is forgotten

10. Drive mode: drive bydc deceleration motor, with a life of over 300,000 times;Intelligent detectionlocking mechanism with self-protection and self-locking functions;

11. Record query: thedecoder can unlock the parameters of the safe box, and the terminal decoder canquery 200 unlock records, and store data or print them through the computerterminal;

12.ADA query: ADAtwo-color injection button, life test more than 100,000 times;

13. Power and energyconsumption: 4 1.5v AA dry battery power supply, durable and environmentallyfriendly, dynamic power consumption more than 6000 times, static standby timemore than 4 years;Backup external power supply can be provided for quickopening;

14. Under-voltage alarm:low-voltage alarm, which can be operated for more than 1 million times andstandby for more than 200 hours;

15.ESD anti-charge:>6000v;

16. Password protection:enter the wrong password three times in a row, lock the keyboard for 5-15minutes, and block malicious invasion;

17. Installation method:optional floor installation or wall installation;

18. Operationinstructions: provide chinese-english standard explanation boards, and makeother language explanation boards according to requirements;

19. Color optional:safe: black/white;Carpet: grey/royal blue;

20. Door opening: freeside door;

21. Rich configuration:optional non-standard configuration such as AC220V laptop charging socket,built-in lighting and real-time state monitoring of safe switch, and compatibleprotocol interface can be designed according to the upgrade of hotel hardware,software or management requirements.