PAD 3C smart cabinet

PAD 3C smart cabinet


PAD 3C smart cabinet

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Product details

1. Q235 low alloyrigid, frosting process, space aluminum forming;

2. Promising: equippedwith a 7-inch functional tablet computer, cabinet structure has a number ofpatent designs.The handle is made of 7075 space aluminum, fully automaticmulti-functional CNC machine tool, and processed by the latest anodic oxidationprocess.The cabinet body is Q345 low alloy steel from 6mm to 12mm, with goodcomprehensive mechanical properties.

3.China CCC certification,higher level of intelligent security protection, larger capacity of storage, tomeet your daily and work needs.

4. It has the mostpowerful intelligent security chip in the intelligent series so far, with highspeed and low power consumption.With built-in lithium battery, it can operatenormally for 24 hours after unexpected power failure, to strive for the bestsafety time for the items in the cabinet.

5.System: the securitysystem developed based on Android 5.1 can detect the movement of people or objectswith a radius of 50cm, and continuously record and collect evidence.The 4Gsupport of the whole network can also timely send security warning prompt afterWIFI is disconnected.

6. Wireless control: itis equipped with smart tablet and controlled by YADA official APP.Powerful usermanagement functions, so that YADA is not limited to a single key andfingerprint control.The YADA cloud will faithfully record every use and imagedata.Wisdom control, more refined.Front-end technology, technology drives life Seven - and seven-inchsmart tablets, 32 - bit four - core processors, particularly strongperformance.Built-in

1.9 megapixel camera, light sensor, acceleration sensor,distance sensor, gravity sensor, linear acceleration sensor, rotation vectorsensor, gyroscope and other technical core.7 in plate size 1280*800 resolution4 core CPU core 1.3 GCPU main frequency 32 bit register width 10 G built-instorage;Eight, craftsmanship:door handle by the use of 7075 space aluminum,

automatic multi-function CNC machinetool into shape, using the latest anodic oxidation process processing, it isvery high hardness strength, bearing is also very high, can withstand thetemperature of more than 2000°.And cabinet put in place USES 6mm~12mm thickQ345 low alloy steel, have outstanding corrosion-resistance, and toughness andstrength.

Nine, the integrationdesign, the exquisite workmanship is exquisite: the cabinet body USES theintegral whole to bend the casting, reduces the unnecessary crack, eliminatesthe crowbar point.

Free switch between WIFIand 4G.

11. A Safe distance of50cm: if any person or object is close to the cabinet with a radius of 50cm,YASA Safe will use the front-facing camera to continuously take photos andcollect evidence. The incident record and photos can be retrieved from the APPor panel at any time.

12. Remote monitoring ofthe APP: functions such as remote unlocking, user management, viewing the userecord, linkage alarm, etc. When the cabinet is in abnormal condition, the APPwill also send you a safety warning message. The user can choose whether toactivate the alarm or not according to the record and photos of theincident.Xiii. Handling abnormal conditions: the built-in high sensitivity gyrosensor will trigger the alarm device when the cabinet is attacked by externalforces, tilting, handling and vibration;When the cabinet door is open for morethan 30 seconds, the warning mechanism of YADA Safe will also be triggered.Incase of abnormal power failure, the built-in lithium battery in the cabinetwill be activated and a safety warning message will be sent to the user.

14. Super usermanagement: multiple users can be set to enjoy, and the administrator canmodify the information at any time for the convenience of the user group