Intelligent drawer cabinet

Intelligent drawer cabinet


Intelligent drawer cabinet

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One, more convenient:triple unlock
Product details

Two, more efficient: 2remote way: get rid of remote control, free your movement

3, safer: 1 intelligentcore: YADA chip security service: let you travel more secure

Four, big and small,simple and complex: appearance break through the category of conventionalintelligent cabinet, bold and new color, there are two different sizes, preciseinternal structure, minimalist appearance design, to create people see peoplelove;

Five, powerful remotefunction: core chip, powerful remote function and service, bring usersextraordinary intelligent experience.No password, no key, and you don't evenneed to be around. It is a combination of smart core, advanced innovativedesign and rich functional experience.

Unique design style,both practical and beautiful.The maximum thickness of lebox cabinet is 3.5mm,more durable.Both models are equipped with 160 × 48 × 25mm smart panels and EVAflocking fabric interiors to make the interior space more comfortable.Under thefashionable coat, there are 4 styles to choose from.

Seven: to simple, coverup precision: intelligent core, highly integrated, the number of optimization,with a concise appearance cover intelligent precision internal, bring youincredible use experience intelligent design, minimalist panel

8. One-touch control:just put your finger on the panel fingerprint module to unlock the door. Thekey on the right side of the fingerprint module controls the opening of thecabinet door.

Nine, the use offlocking interior, not only is a cold and hard cabinet, even in the process ofmovement, the items inside will not be caused by shaking knock damage, to thecollection of the most gentle seal protection.

X. excellentperformance, remote monitoring, power failure protection and other practicalfunctions support 802.11a /b/g/n/ac wireless network standard, including 2.4common frequency band.Through simple operation, can connect to the network, andthrough the built-in cloud function to achieve 24-hour monitoring and remotemanagement functions.One key eject, bring unlock new experience

11. Press the top buttonto pop out the cabinet door and fit the cabinet without handle.

12. No matter where youare, the built-in cloud module enables you to get the latest status at any timeon your portable devices, including cabinet, cabinet door, network and powerstatus, etc.

Xiii. Remote unlockingand power off protection can be realized through simple operation and bindingby using YADA APP and WeChat.

14. Low power modereduces energy consumption.: it has the function of power off protection. Afterthe power is cut off, it is powered by the battery inside the box and entersthe low-power mode. Normally, there are 4 AA batteries, which can be usedcontinuously for 200 days.