Never say goodbye @ Yada-shanghai international hotel supplies exhibition ends successfully


Ningbo yada security planning ningbo yada security equipmentmanufacturing co., LTD.


OnApril 26, solstice 29, the four-day "2018 Shanghai international hotelengineering design and

supplies expo" officiallyconcluded.

"YADA" booth E7D09 left thefootprints of tens of thousands of people and stood out among the dazzlingbooths, attracting exhibitors from different countries and regions of the worldto stop, look and inquire.


Ningbo yada security equipmentmanufacturing co., ltd. is a focus on the Internet + smart hotel intelligentsecurity solutions.Thisexhibition officially launched "YADA" intelligent security powersmart hotel, my life I call "with our professional technology andpersonalized service, bring different experience to exhibitors.Although theexhibition has closed, but the residual warmth has not dissipated, the earsstill seem to be a roaring crowd, full of enthusiastic explanation sound, thesound of repeated conversation and ideas collision, countless wonderful scenesworth our repeated aftertaste.

Let's look back at the exhibitionsite to see what "YADA" in the exhibition is wonderful!


YADA "high security safe, from internalelectronic institutions to external hardware, the full range of safe securitysystem!


YADA staff always communicate with customerswith full enthusiasm and patience.


"YADA" product features andadvantages in the staff carefully introduced and showed under the incisivelyand vividly.


After the exhibitors on the exhibition hallhad a certain understanding of "YADA"   intelligent security, dozens of hotelsreached cooperation intention and gave high comments.


                                                                                        The successful closing of theexhibition,

                                                                                 Is a season end, is also a seasonbeginning.

                                                                                         Thank you for coming to our booth!

                                                                                                 To live up to expectations,

                                                                                               We are excellent innovation!

                                                                                                    To explore the future,

                                                                                                 We strive for excellence!


                                                                                                More exciting, stay tuned...